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CMS/SCM Membership

Calling all obstetricians/gynecologists, family physicians, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, pharmacists, residents, medical students, pelvic floor physiotherapists and all other allied HCPs providing menopausal care.

Become a member* of the Canadian Menopause Society/Société Canadienne de Ménopause (CMS/SCM) and join us in our mission of advancing the health of women in Canada at and beyond the menopausal transition! Menopause is having a moment and we want to keep the momentum going and help you build your tool box of knowledge and education on this topic! 

Stay up to date with the latest evidence-based information, research, and therapies. In addition, you will have the following member benefits: 

Benefits include:

  • Reduced registration fee for CMS/SCM Regional and National Menopause Conferences
  • Exclusive access to the “members area” where you can download slides and videos on the website
  • Exclusive access to the members only social media platforms (private Facebook page)
  • Eligibility for CMS/SCM awards
  • Potential to become a future Board Member or Committee Member
  • Access to reduced registration fee for IMS World Congress
  • Access to “Menopause Live” from the IMS site
  • IMS membership online special offer for CMS members who are not currently enrolled in IMS membership. You can choose one of the three following options to join IMS membership
                 1) one year free limited professional membership
                 2) 20% discount on Full Membership (£100 instead of £125); 
                 3) 50% discount on Full Membership (£62.50 instead of £125 in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
  • Access to free registration for the IOF World Congress in Osteoporosis (April 10-13, 2025 Rome Italy, limited to 20 participants per World Congress) and the IOF Regional Congress (limited to 2 participants per regional congress) 
  • Free limited quantity of printed materials as featured on our website (currently out of stock)

The Cost of Membership:

$150.00 plus 5% GST ($7.50) for a total price of $157.50 per annual year. 

What period does my dues payment cover?

Your CMS/SCM membership is from January 1 through December 31. Member renewal notices for the coming year are emailed to members in the fall. 

Are my CMS/SCM annual dues tax deductible?

Dues to CMS/SCM are not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

When should I pay my annual dues?

Dues should be paid as soon as possible to continue receiving membership benefits without interruption. If dues are unpaid after 60 days, members' benefits may be suspended.

What form of payment does CMS/SCM accept?

You can pay your dues with a personal check, business check, or any major credit card.

Please make all checks payable to: Canadian Menopause Society/Société Canadienne de Ménopause

Can I pay my dues online?

You may pay your dues online. Simply fill out the registration form below or click here to download the application for mail in application.


*Note: You consent to receive emails, news and other communications from the CMS/SCM by applying for membership.