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Annual Report 2016

Annual General Meeting 2016

Date: December 1, 2016
Time: 5:30pm
Place: SIGMA Office, Vancouver and tele-conference

Chair: Dr. Chui Kin Yuen
Secretary: Ms. Lini Qiao

In house: Drs. Melanie Altas and Tim Rowe
By teleconference:
Drs. Christine Derzko, Vicki Holmes, Elaine Jolly, Tami Shandro, Marla Shapiro, and Ms. Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic
Regrets: Drs. Celine Bouchard, Vivian Brown, Sophie Desindes, Taryl Felhaber, Michel Fortier, Susan Goldstein, Christiane Kuntz, Robert Reid, Carol Wilcox, Nese Yuksel


1.   The meeting was called to order at 5:30pm.

2.   Minutes from meeting in Prague, Czech Republic on Sep 30, 2016 was approved. Moved by Dr. Derzko, and seconded by Dr. Rowe.

3.   Business arising
a. Changing from Provincial to Federal NPO:
An annual meeting will be called in May or June next year with special resolutions to change the society from provincial not-for-profit to federal not-for- profit organization. At the same time SIGMA Canadian Menopause Society will change to Canadian Menopause Society with its corresponding French translation, Société Canadienne de Menopause (CMS/SCM).
b. IMS 2018 Vancouver World Congress on Menopause:
-Invitations to IMS committee will be sent out at the beginning of 2017.
-IMS provides us with 12 complimentary registrations (including 4 for Drs. Jolly, Fortier, Reid and Yuen).

4.   Financial report
Financial statements for year 2015 and 2016 (up to October) were presented to the members.  Dr. Yuen pointed out the differences between the two years and the reasons for the decline in 2016 activities.

5.   Reports from the Executive Director
a.   Distinguished Lecture Series: there will be a distinguished lecture series on TSECs in 6 cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.  Once funding support is secured, planning will start early next year.
b.   Regional conferences 2017
i.   Quebec regional conference (JAM 2017). It will be the first French CPD event (conducted in French) on perimenopause and menopause. It will be held on Friday Feb 17 and Saturday Feb 18, 2017 at Hôtel Château Mont Ste-Anne, Beaupré, Québec. Dr. Fortier is the primary organizer.
ii.   Edmonton regional conference. It will be held at the last Friday or Saturday in April 2017. The meeting organizers are Drs. Shandro and Yuksel with assistance from Calgary physicians (Drs. Fahey and Premji)
iii.   Halifax regional conference. The third regional conference will probably be held in the Fall of 2017.  Discussions with Halifax physicians will start soon.
c.   The deferred grant in the financial statements no longer exist.  It is moved to general ledger.
d.   A new brochure on drug therapies for menopausal symptoms is being developed by Drs. Black, Evaniuk, Reid and Yuksel
e.   A new pamphlet on bioidenticals is being developed by Drs Derzko and Yuksel.

6.   Reports from the President
a.   Dr. Jolly reported on the NAMS Orlando 2016 conference. It was well attended with complete coverage of Mature Women’s Health issues. Canadians had a good participation at the meeting, however, the number was down, as many people had just attended the IMS Prague World Congress on Menopause 2016.  A few participants left early because of the weather.

7.   Other Business
a.   Dr. Rowe expressed his concerns about the name change. He agreed with the change of the society from a provincial to a federal not-for-profit entity. He proposed that even with name change, the society should keep the SIGMA brand (e.g. the current logo) since it is already very familiar and well known to the public as well as the physicians. The proposal was unanimously approved.

8.   Meeting adjourned at 6:15pm