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October is World Menopause Month

Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Happy World Menopause Month! Check out what our colleagues are talking about menopause:
The Winnipeg Free Press - interview with Dr. Debra Evaniuk & use of Menopause Foudaiton of Canada (MFC) data
The Hamilton Spectator -Menopause and the changing brain - co-authored by Dr. Alison Shea & use of MFC Data 
The Toronto Star - Why a workplace strategy for menopause matters - references MFC Data 
Alberta Global News Radio - 630 CHED Afternoons - interview with Dr. Shafeena Premji
CTV News Vancouver - interview with Dr. Kelsey Mills: 

Benefits Canada - interview with Trish Barbato and Janet Ko (co-founders of the MFC) 

The HR reporter - quote from Dr. Wendy Wolfman

City News Ottawa - interview with Dr. Lindsay Shirreff and Janet Ko 
Podcast: the Sam Laprade Show (starting from hour 2) - interview with Dr. Lindsay Shirreff and Janet Ko
Toronto Star - interview with Dr. Wendy Wolfman and Janet Ko
Halifax Examiner - Dr. Natasha Deshwel, Dr. Wendy Wolfman (quote from release) and Janet Ko
Global News National Online - Dr. Wendy Wolfman and Janet Ko
La Presse - Dr. Jarcevic Opinion Piece
980 CFPL London Radio - Janet Ko