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2021 EMAS Virtual School - Late Parenthood

Thursday, June 17, 2021 to Friday, June 18, 2021

During the last decades, couples in Europe delay parenthood due to social, financial and demographic factors. Nevertheless, advanced parental age has been associated with infertility, pregnancy complications and long-term offspring health. The aim of this EMAS School is to provide and critically appraise evidence on this topic through literature review and extensive interaction between experts and participants.

During the first day, the problem of late parenthood will be discussed. In the first session (the context), the extent of the issue will be presented as well as the pathophysiology of infertility in advanced age and the psychological aspects of late parenthood in both sexes. In the second session (the consequences), pregnancy complications due to advanced parental age will be examined together with short- and long-term health of the offspring.

During the second day, the solutions to late parenthood will be discussed. In the third session (the treatments), the management of infertility in advanced age men and women will be illustrated towards an interdisciplinary approach that could lead to patient-centered, informed decision-making strategies. Finally, in the fourth session (the cases), instructive examples will be presented to demonstrate what we have learned during this EMAS School regarding informed decisions about the timing of childbearing. 

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